WILFLEY Introduces the DryLock 3 Seal

DryLock® 3 Seal Makes it Easier Than Ever to Upgrade

The DryLock 3 Seal is the latest generation of the DryLock series and has been designed exclusively for the A7 process pump. The seal has all of the state-of-the-art features of the DryLock 2 loaded into an existing DryLock 1 seal housing. These new features significantly improve the reliability in static sealing over the original design. The DryLock 3 was specifically designed to be a simple cost effective solution for upgrading existing A7 process pumps with the latest DryLock sealing technology.

DryLock 3 Seal



The DryLock® 3 Seal has been engineered for RELIABLE Static Sealing:

  • The simple design makes it easy to adjust and maintain a precise seal opening
  • The small controlled seal opening allows for rapid seal actuation at startup and shutdown
  • The seal faces are protected by a lip seal and located further away from the expeller chamber
  • A wide range of seal face materials are available to suit your application

Retrofitting an Existing A7 Process Pump:


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