The Seal-Less ANSI Pump


“With the Dynapump LE pumps’ performance and price, Teikoku USA has blown-away our paradigm for spec-ing and installing ANSI pumps, sealed or sealless, in sizes up to 3 x 2-8.”

— Reliability Engineer

The more involved I get with companies on their processes and specifying pumps for their applications, the more I find that money is being thrown away on the wrong pumps. I do not mean that the selected pumps do not work as intended, but end users are spending too much money on a packaged pump when a lower cost canned motor pump could do the same job. I feel that this is the case because standard packaged pumps are what users are familiar with and are comfortable using. End users, like most people, are afraid of change and equipment with which they are unfamiliar.


I predict a major shift is going to take place in the ANSI market. As the sealless canned motor pumps become more popular and end users are more aware of their operation, they will begin to take the place of the larger more costly packaged units. As you can see in the picture above, the Teikoku Dynapump LE pump footprint is significantly smaller than that of the competitor. The two pumps in the picture operate at the same duty point, however, the Teikoku requires less spare parts and less effort for installation. Over the lifetime of the pump it proves to be a more economical choice because you have decreased your inventory, decreased your installation costs and decreased your initial cost.

The more end users are educated about this technology and are no longer unaware of how these pumps operate, the more common they will become. Teikoku’s efforts towards educating users has proven to drive demand for the product. A large part of that demand is in the chemical industry where seal issues and safety concerns are the primary driving forces for sealless canned motor pumps. There is a perception in the industry that sealless canned motor pumps are only necessary in hazardous and tough applications. This perception is now changing and we are seeing Teikoku’s Dynapump LE series pump offered as an option in a variety of different applications where we are competing against standard packaged ANSI pumps.

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