Meet Honeywell SLATE: A Single Platform for Almost Any Application

Honeywell has a big announcement, and it’s name is SLATE.

SLATE is an Integrated Combustion Equipment Management System where one platform conforms to unlimited markets and applications including Commercial & Industrial Boilers, Make-up Air, Process Heating, Burner Control, Automotive Paint Booths, Kilns, Ovens, and more.  For the first time ever, Honeywell SLATE brings together Configurable Safety and Programmable Logic.

Go from this…

Traditional Control Solution

















To this…
Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.53.51 AM 

With SLATE being modular, the amount of control you possess over your process is unlimited.

Serve more global industries with one platform

Expanding into new markets involves a costly learning curve with new products, protocols and programming.  With SLATE, your team can engineer custom solutions for a variety of world markets without ever going back to the manufacturer.

Unparalleled application flexibility

  • SLATE is easily configured for virtually any application, including commercial, industrial, single and multi-burner, boiler, industrial process and more.

Universal I/O scheme

  • Purchase only the modules your application requires and choose how to use them with simple wiring commands.

Customizable high-definition display

  • 7-inch color touchscreen display can be programmed using basic web page technology for a tailored end user experience.

Global safety approvals

  • Serve a broader global customer base with agency approvals, SLATE is UL certified for U.S. and Canada, FM, and CSD-1 acceptable.  SIL-3 coming soon.

Universal power supply

  • 24 VAC/DC – 230 VAC 50/60 hz power supply makes SLATE compatible with nearly all global commercial and industrial requirements.

To read more about SLATE, check out Honeywell’s site SLATE.



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