Know much about Sealless Pump Technology?

Being a distributor entails quite a few meetings each year with different manufacturers. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Teikoku USA inc. The facility I visited was in Warminster, PA, just about 30 miles North of Philadelphia. Having never been in that area before I was excited to head up that way and see what all the fuss is about with these sandwiches that are so popular! Since, this is not a traveling or food blog, I will simply say it was worth the trip!

I will spare you the history of Teikoku and their journey West and go straight into what is most important, the product and people within the company.


The product is a sealless canned motor pump. Yes, I said SEAL-LESS! In case you did not understand me, that is a pump that has no seal. So, “too good to be true” is probably what you are thinking. I kid not, the technology has actually been around since the 50’s. Chempump was the originator of the canned motor pump, which Teikoku USA purchased in 2003. The Japanese use this pump in about 80% of their pump applications. I mean it is logical, if you do not have to worry about a seal, why would you not use the pump. Traditionally, the US market sees the sealless pump as strictly a critical application pump rather than a general service pump. Teikoku does handle the critical and specialty applications quite well, but where they are truly making an impact in the market is in general service applications. They have done this with the Dynapump LE series pump. It has everything you would want in a general service pump. It is ANSI B73.3, has NO SEAL, CSA certified, 1 week or less lead time, priced at or below other ANSI pumps, FREE product training and start-up assistance, and a hell of a good Tennessee rep (that would be us, HAGLER)!

If I were to tell you all about the operation of the pump I would have to write a blog that would get scarily close to a novel. So, In case you aren’t familiar with the technology you should check out their website … Basically the pump and motor are one. The product provides the cooling necessary for the motor. They accomplish this by circulating fluid past the motor and back into the suction. You can see this on their site under the pump circulation paths. A common misnomer is that these pumps cannot handle solids. Again, this is a misnomer and you will see circulation paths that use an external cooling fluid or use a filter in the circulation line, either way the pumps can handle solids! Check out the site or call us and we will tell you all about them!


Now, onto the people in the company. This, as far as I am concerned, tells you more about where a company is headed than the product. Simply, this group of people are impressive. Their president, Tom Conroy, has built a hell of an organization that caters to one of the toughest markets in the world. He sees that product training and support are crucial to growth in this industry, especially with a product that is unfamiliar to most. I took one of my customers from a large chemical company to visit before our training and he said that it was nice to see a group of people that care about what they are doing and have pride in their product. Teikoku has a culture that most business gurus would describe as flourishing.

I hit on two main themes for this company that I find rare in this industry; The product and the people within a company. Teikoku USA Inc. is capped, covered and smothered with industry leaders in both categories! Too many companies these days are solely focused on profits and forget where the profits come from……. CUSTOMERS! With a superior product, superior staff, and a strong focus on customers, I am proud to be a rep for Teikoku USA Inc. and am excited about what we can help bring to the Industrial pumping industry.

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