Dean RA Series Pumps

Quick!  Name a Thermal Fluid pump that is

  • 650ºF Fluid compatibility

  • Air Cooled

  • 300# Raised Face Flanges

  • Centerline Mounted

Got any ideas?  If you said the Dean RA 3000 Series Pumps, you’d be correct.

Dean has perfected the Hot Oil Pump to a point where other competitors just can’t match up.  Sure others have tried 300# flanges, but mounting a 300# flange on a casing that can’t handle higher working pressures serves no purpose.  The Dean RA is an incredible pump for the price, and with a back pull out design, its easy to maintain.

Capable of producing more than 1700 GPM, the Dean RA is ready for your thermal application.

Check out the curve below.

The smaller of the RA series, the RA2096, is a foot mounted design with 150# flanges.  Once you get into the larger options, the RA3146 and the RA3186, the design changes from foot mounted to centerline mounted allowing for thermal growth without disturbing alignment and has 300# flanges.  Check out the chart below for available sizes.

So again I ask… Are there any other Thermal Fluid Pumps that can do what the Dean RA can?  No.

At Hagler, we’ve become the only stocking distributor of the Dean RA series in the United States.  Currently, we stock the most popular sizes: RA3146 2×3-8.5, 3×4-8.5, and 4×6-8.5.

Give us a call at 888-269-3112 for availability.

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