Power Generation



Deming offers vertical sump and horizontal split case pumps for the power generation market. They are used as general water transfer pumps and have a variety of uses throughout fossil, combined cycle, hydro, and nuclear facilities. Designed for low to moderate flows and built to last, the Deming’s short lead times and competitive pricing make them a leader in this market.


Deming Pump

Fairbanks Morse


Fairbanks Morse is one of the oldest and most well known manufacturers of large flow Vertical Turbines, Propeller, Horizontal Split Case, Submersible Dry Pit, and Horizontal End Suction pumps in the world. Fairbanks provides quality product that offers long term reliability that has long but disappeared from the heavy industrial pump sector in exchange for lower cost equipment. These are truly an engineered solution that is found in the following applications:

  • Raw Water Intake
  • Ash Sluicing
  • Dry Sump


Fairbanks Morse Pumps

Nagle Pumps


Nagle provides heavy duty vertical cantilevered, wet and dry mounted, submersible and horizontal end suction pumps for abrasive slurry applications. With progressive wall casing thickness and hardened materials, the Nagle is an ideal solution for the harsh applications that are well known to Fossil Fuel power generation facilities. Some of the common applications you will find Nagle pumps are:

  • Ash Removal
  • Ash Sluice
  • Coal Slurries
  • Gypsum Slurries


Nagle Pumps


Wilfley’s model EMW offers the power generation market a robust Horizontal Heavy Duty Slurry pump. The sizes range from a 2″ x 2″ up to a 10″ x 8″ and can handle solids up to 2.76″. The EMW is available in a variety of hardened metals, as well as a rubber lined option. These pumps are being used in applications such as:

  • Lime Slurry
  • Slurry Transfer
  • Gypsum Slurry


Wilfley EMW