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Dean RA Series Pumps

Quick!  Name a Thermal Fluid pump that is 650ºF Fluid compatibility Air Cooled 300# Raised Face Flanges Centerline Mounted Got any ideas?  If you said the Dean RA 3000 Series Pumps, you’d be correct. Dean has perfected the Hot Oil Pump to a point where other competitors just can’t match up.  Sure others have tried 300# […]

Meet Honeywell SLATE: A Single Platform for Almost Any Application

Honeywell has a big announcement, and it’s name is SLATE. SLATE is an Integrated Combustion Equipment Management System where one platform conforms to unlimited markets and applications including Commercial & Industrial Boilers, Make-up Air, Process Heating, Burner Control, Automotive Paint Booths, Kilns, Ovens, and more.  For the first time ever, Honeywell SLATE brings together Configurable Safety […]

The Affinity Laws

As part of our ongoing quest for knowledge and perfection, we at Hagler are starting a group of instructional posts pertaining to pumps and their properties.  Of course, without basic fundamental knowledge of pumps, sizing and selectioin can be utterly confusing.  Let’s put some of that confusion to rest. Centrifugal Pump Affinity Laws Centrifugal pumps […]